May 10, 2016 Media Funding Group, a NWBB Inc. company, headquartered in Washougal, WA announced today an infusion of an additional $8.2 Million in media funding and advertising financing capacity is being made available for the 2nd quarter of 2016 directly through its portal The Media Investment Fund. Media Funding Group who provides advertising expertise and private funding access for Advertising and Marketing campaigns in exchange for Equity based investments or Revenue Share participation announced today that the $8.2 Million in increased funding is being made available across all programs offered by Media Funding Group including: Advertising Venture Capital. Advertising For Stock, Equity Based Financing. Retail Product Placement Support. Direct Response Campaign Funding. Funding division Vice President, Marc Hatch stated that they were very pleased with the funding commitments made to date in 2016. All recipients were chosen based on their product or service's ability to recognize substantial increases in sales through an aggressive advertising campaign. He further stated that they look forward to a continued increase in commitment levels throughout 2016 of which today's 8.2 million is the first commitment to those companies that can benefit from the media funding and ad funding solutions they offer. More details on Media Funding and the programs offered can be found at the media funding group website or directly at the program portal
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February 01, 2017
Barter Media Brokers, the innovative Advertising and Media Placement Company has announced today the expansion of the Hospitality Occupancy Stimulus Plan to include creation of virtual reality resort tours from the world’s leading Virtual Reality producers ReelTime VR. (OTCPK:RLTR) Full Virtual Reality production and distribution packages are available without a cash expenditure using your excess capacity as payment. The Hospitality Occupancy Stimulus Plan is designed to help hotel and resort companies substantially expand their advertising and increase their occupancy rate with guaranteed room night sales at their full retail rates and also includes other sectors of the hospitality industry including cruise lines, theme parks and entertainment venues. ReelTime VR is no newcomer to Virtual Reality production having established itself as the technological and entertainment leader back in 2015 with its production of Megs McLeans "Virtually Me" shot with a proprietary 361VR system using Red Dragon Cameras. ReelTime VR is among the most respected and elite producers and distributors of VR content worldwide and is available on a limited basis to set your resort apart by creating a truly immersive experience for your prospective guest. Barter Media Brokers offers each participant $25,000 to $500,000 in advertising utilizing Radio, TV, Internet, and Print through a strategic marketing campaign in their targeted geographic area. The advertising is paid for with unsold room nights guaranteeing the property the ability to increase their advertising exposure, without the use of cash, using new sales of excess capacity that would otherwise go unsold.
August 01, 2017
Media Funding Group announced today that they have completed the initial testing phase of advertising placements for the Baristas White Coffee ad campaign of the publicly traded Baristas Coffee Company, (OTCPK:BCCI) Baristas Coffee Company who utilized less than 2% of the $2 million dollars of its’ ad placement funding during the initial stage, completed the testing phase for the month of July with better than expected results. The testing stage is imperative to determine the viability of the product to a mass market, demographics that perform the best, and to shape future campaigns. Baristas White Coffee single serve cups has dramatically surpassed industry standards. The campaigns which delivered the Baristas White Coffee advertising on a variety of Television and Radio broadcast platforms as an initial test phase to determine market acceptance both geographically and demographically produced sales results almost twice the normal product campaign metrics . Results were very promising returning a 4x sales to ad spend multiplier which is considered an exceptional conversion ratio especially for a new product.